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Spectacular Sections

Incredible architectural sections, from a March 2014 post by The Angry Architect on Architizer:

  1. Section through Kowloon’s (in)famous Walled City. The article mentions a Japanese team that surveyed this surreal maze of human habitation before it was demolished in 1994, but not clear who the author of the drawing is.
  2. Detail of #1
  3. Stacked City, by Stuart Franks while a student (!) at the Royal College of Art
  4. Walls of Change, by Lebbeus Woods … a master of the sectional perspective
  5. Plug-In City, by Archigram

The article is worth a read, though I don’t think all of the examples cited merit inclusion, particularly OMA’s diagram of the Seattle Public Library. It’s a great diagram and an groundbreaking example of graphic design used for communicating architectural intent … but there is little that is architectural about it as a drawing, IMHO.

source of all images: Architizer

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