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Roy-Lawrence Residence | Chevalier Morales Architects | Via

Located outside the village of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern townships, the Roy-Lawrence Residence is set in a vast estate very much impregnated with the legacy of a Swiss immigrant family that came to Canada in the 1930’s. To this date, the surroundings of the residence are still defined by bucolic landscapes, iconic Swiss chalets and other buildings of similar nature that were erected along the years, always with a consistent touch of nostalgia.

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Suyama Space

Over a century ago, the Belltown building that houses Suyama Space was a livery stable. By 1929 it became an automobile repair shop, remaining in operation until George Suyama purchased the building for his architectural office in 1995. George redesigned the building for Suyama Peterson Deguchi’s architectural studio, with two storefront retail spaces and an undedicated space in the center.

The central area developed into an exhibition space and became known as Suyama Space when George partnered with Seattle curator Beth Sellars. After staging the first several exhibitions of pre-existing work, Suyama and Sellars acknowledged that artwork suffered when it did not fully recognize the tangible characteristics of the building. Since 2000, artists are now obliged to become familiar with the space prior to submitting an installation proposal in response to the powerful volume of wood plank floors, concrete walls, and the exposed, open-beam ceiling.

The featured artist now becomes a collaborator with the space, rather than fighting with the structure, or worse, ignoring it. Successful installations gain from all that the building has to offer, accentuating the accomplishment.

On this particular day, the space was in between installations, so I got to see it in its raw condition.

photos by markcareaga, August 2014

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I’ve been meaning to post about this fantastic project since I laid eyes on it - when I spotted Cabin 2 on the 2014 Australian Interior Design Awards shortlist for Residential Design. If you’ve been following Copperline for a while you’ll already be aware of how much I admire Australian architecture and interiors, and the AIDA list is like a goldmine of great design.

Situated at Blairgowrie in Victoria, Cabin 2 is the work of Maddison Architects, who added a 105 sq/m extension to an existing 1960s log cabin set on a sloping site. This self-contained retreat includes living spaces and storage, with a bedroom and en-suite upstairs.

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Montecatini Alto cemetery, L. Savioli, coll. E. Brizzi, D. Santi, 1966-69

(Source: neueregel)

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